Over the past few years or so, Samuel Oshana has focused his investment prowess on Florida real estate, to the point that he recently added a Florida real estate broker’s license to his list of credentials. Having that license has given him the ability to expand his range of investments in commercial and residential real estate in Florida, a focus that started when he began to loan capital to businesses and individuals, using their real estate holdings as collateral. These days, he tends to purchase underpriced and seemingly distressed homes in older, forgotten neighborhoods in Dade and Broward Counties. He buys them at a bargain price, then restores them to their former glory and sells them for a good profit.

Over many years in business, Samuel Oshana has shown success in several important business areas, n both New York and now, Florida. Much of his success comes out of his proven skill at starting up new companies and nurturing them to great success. One of the most prominent examples of this came with his start-up of Apex Data Systems, a merchant payment processing company he founded while he was working hard with First Data Corporation. He later sold Apex for a significant return on investment.

Back at the dawn of his business career, he was a broker with a number of the most prestigious brokerages in the country, like Heartland Securities and JP Morgan. At the time, as he does now, he made sure he held and maintained series 7, 55 and 63 licenses, so he could offer a compete line of brokerage services to his clients. Throughout that time, he learned how valuable the right investment strategy was. He also learned how to best maximize returns in a way that offers clients a secure future.